Start to Run.

Why Should I do Sports?

Everyone knows sports are healthy. Why? Here are the facts!

  • Sports will ensure that you get a greater lung capacity and improved blood circulation.
  • Your heart rate will drop, and your heart muscle will get stronger and will start pumping more efficiently so more blood will be pumped through the body, which causes for more oxygen to be spread through the body - and this might extend your lifetime expectation.
  • Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease!
  • Doing sports also reduces the risk of getting a stroke - A stroke is actually a shortage of oxygen in the brains. By exercising you reduce this risk because more oxygen will spread!
  • Reduces high blood pressure!
  • Lesser chance of colon cancer - By doing sports regularly the digestion process is better controlled!
  • Physical exercise will ensure that stress/tension is reduced, both physically and emotionally!
  • Your body will get more flexible and back pain will be reduced!
  • You will sleep better: Sports help you to worry less. Clear your head. The muscles will relax easier so you can relax yourself. You will fall asleep faster, you will enjoy a deeper sleep and you will wake up refreshed!
  • It gives you more energy, you will be healthier and you get a euphoric feeling by exercising!


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