Running in the Summer

Tell us about your running experiences, how much weight you lost since you started running. When do you run? How many times / week? Where?

Running in the Summer

Postby flightleader » Sat 18 May 2013, 18:30

Running in the summer
You see when the summer arrives. You see everywhere people running in the streets. Yes, it’s nicer running in the sun then in the darkness from the winter.
But what do you do when it’s getting extremely hot? Stay inside or go outside and take precautions?
First thing you notice when you run outside in hot temperatures: your heartbeat is going up with 10-15 beats a minute. This is for the same effort you run under normal circumstances. So you will get easier exhausted.
The second is you are getting thirsty. You’re sweating more because your body wants to cool down. More sweat is more chance to get dehydrated, sunburn…
What we want to know what you do when you are confronted with the hottest summer days to prevent a disaster when you are running:
- Take it slower
- A short run
- Running inside on a treadmill with the airco on
- Taking your run to parc or wood
- Running early in the morning or late in the evening
- Don’t go running but enjoy a cold drink in the shadow
What about your drinking/food habits:
- Are drinking more before the run or do you take more water/fluids with you
- After the run I drink plenty of fluids
- I take additional food with me
- Are you running almost naked or are you wearing protective clothes
- Before you start to run, do you throw water over your clothes

Let us know what good advice you have for your fellow runners when they are running in the heat of the day!
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