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Flightleader - running in!

Postby flightleader » Sat 18 May 2013, 17:40

As one of the mods here, I should properly introduce myself. I live in Belgium, in the medival city Gent. I live there with my two cats. A few years ago I was lazier then my two cats together. People started to ask me when the baby was planned. First time it was funny, second time less funnier and the third time I realised that I had to do something.
With a weight of 80 kilo I was ready to start to run with Evy. The first weeks were hellish. After a few weeks my mind changed, my body asked for the runs and I got addicted. I realised that it was a benefit for the mind and body.
I ran my first 5km. Continued with Keep running and finished my first my first 10km. My speed was still slow, but my body adjusted and my weight went down.
Food became very important to me: sugar, meat, and other unhealty food were removed from my daily life.
I ran more then I ran before: running 10miles, running 2 hours became a piece of cake. My current weight is 60kilo (Yes,almost there).
My plans for the near future: Half marathon, my plans for next year: running a marathon.

I feel more healtier, having more energy and I hope this introduction, is a motivation for all new runners in the world.
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