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Start to Run and get in shape! The goal of this website is to teach you how much fun it is to run. Join us and you'll be running 3.1 miles in only 10 weeks! Anyone can do it.


Start running with Start to run!

Have you always wanted to get in better shape without buying expensive fitness subscriptions or sports equipment? Well, there’s good news! We will help you get in shape, you just have to Start to Run.

Running schedules has helped many people without any sports experience or who were completely out of shape to start running 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) in only 10 weeks’ time!
Now it’s your time to Start moving as well. Many people around the world have started running with this running schedule!

Remember, every beginning is hard - that's no different with sports - and therefore might be associated with sweat and toil. But the result is worth it! Keep that in mind when you feel like giving up during your training!

Your fitness will greatly improve when you start running, your concentration will improve so you can stay focused longer - this may even have an effect on your day job as you will be much more concentrated and your productivity will increase. Also, you may start losing a few pounds when you walk and/or combine any other sport with a good, varied diet. Your body will be stimulated to burn fat during exercise so you will get slimmer!

The running schedule we provide a good base to get you going and are fit for just about anyone! Still interested? Great - Let’s go!

Why start running?

First of all, running is a sport that everyone can do. You don’t need much to start running except maybe some adjusted shoes and clothes. You don’t need to be a member of any association or sports club and can run everywhere! On top of all that, it’s free! Running is very healthy and helps for all 10 points we mentioned in the 'Why do sports' section. Besides, your fitness and stamina will improve; another plus is that you get to do it outside in the fresh air!

Some advantages of running:

  • It’s healthy, both physically and mentally (stress)
  • It’s very cheap, running costs almost nothing
  • Everyone can run, it’s not that hard
  • You can run everywhere, there’s nothing stopping you
  • Promotes social contacts when you decide to run together in a group!

Listening to music while running

Thanks to the technological progress it’s possible to carry your music around everywhere, most MP3 players or smartphones are tough enough to carry them around while running or doing sports. Listening to music while running can be relaxing for some people and music will keep you going that last extra mile!

However, it’s important to know that research has shown that when you listen to music while running, you might start running to the tempo of the music, this means when a slow song is playing you will automatically run slower than with a fast song. This is why we recommend beginning your playlist with some slow songs as these will help you warm up at a slower pace. At the end of your run we also advise to put slow songs to help you ‘cool down’ again.

Keep in mind: Hard music will want to make you run faster, and it is very important to control your own pace when you are running (both with -and without music)!

What to wear while running?

It’s recommended to wear something comfortable while running because it can be very difficult to keep going while your clothing is uncomfortable! Don’t forget to wear a hat when it’s cold outside to reduce the chance of getting ill. Don’t dress too warm either because you will start sweating – and when your body cools down, you may get ill.


  1. 1. I have absolutely no running experience and I would like to get in shape.
    We recommend that you start running with our schedule for beginners, don’t worry
    it’s made exactly for this purpose: Bringing people without running experience up to a good condition. Should the schedule be too hard at a certain point: just keep repeating the last week you ran until you feel like you can go on to the next week.


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